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Hex Workshop 6.7.3
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File Size: 17.4 Mb

Hex Workshop 6.7.3

Publisher:BreakPoint Software, Inc.
Requirements:512 megs RAM, 35 megs HD
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Hex Workshop - The Hex Workshop Hex Editor by BreakPoint Software is a complete set of hexadecimal development tools for Microsoft Window. Hex Workshop integrates advanced binary editing and data interpretation and visualization with the ease and flexibility of a modern word processor. With the Hex Workshop, you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, fill and delete binary data. You can also work with data in its native structure and data types using our integrated structure viewer and smart bookmarks. Data editing is quick and easy with our extensive features that allow you to: jump to file or sector location, find or replace data, perform arithmetic, bitwise, and logical operations, binary compare files, generate checksums and digests, view character distributions and export data to RTF or HTML for publishing.

Hex Workshop includes a Sector Editor with disk imaging tools, a Base Converter for converting between hex, decimal and binary data types, a Hex Calculator supporting arithmetic and bitwise operations, an expression calculator supporting variables, conditionals, iteration and arithmetic and bitwise operations, and a data visualizer designed to help you visually identify patterns and interesting data from rendered images. Also included is our Data Inspector that allows you to quickly edit and view data in decimal, floating point or time and date representations.

Key Features:

- Rich Feature Set

- Highly Customizable User Interface

- Data Interpretation and Parsing

- Integrated Binary Comparison

List of Changes:

Version 6.7.0 from 2012-07-28

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Version 6.6.1 from 2011-08-08

Hex Workshop v6.6 includes: wildcard hex searching, more versatile use of the find results windows (such as the bulk applying bookmarks and structures), defining search ranges, smart default selection when adding structures, structure library reloading, and greater export capabilities.

Version 6.5.1 from 2011-05-15

The ability to define functions within structure libraries that automatically parse some file formats, an expression calculator for C-style expressions and data manipulation, a data visualizer to help locate patterns with document data, a plug-in API and many small enhancements.

Version 6.00 from 2008-12-29

Major update including: enhanced color coding; quick goto; SHA2, RIPEMD, Tiger, and Whirlpool hash generation; and structure viewer improvements

Version 5.13 from 2008-07-22

Updated user interface, better support for 64 bit operating systems, greater ease of use


Hex Workshop, the Professional Hex Editor

Download Now
File Size: 17.4 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Gosaikishor 2010-12-13 20:57:58 #
Version: 6.01

my name is kishorgiri gosai replay of your mail i have been download your softwar but found non use so i have delete it actually i looking for basic of os and thier file format it means what meanning of two hex but ther is no software contain hex meanning in english i have also download mbr file format and than i convert it to assembaly file and found address etc no.and typed 7c00 starting file from there but there is no meaning of 7c00 in english i have often check out a keying latter like var means variable
if its obj means object i also found b8 means ax
register b4=al register assume two hex add to ax register and then ax to ds and so on i have check it all above through small utility debug.exe but i didn't understand what they are excectly now i am going tosearch more software until my desprate search now if you can give me tranlatation everything of any two or more hex which work together as a instruction or operand
so please recommend me and inform me soon even i want to be a software engineer kindly help me

extend my regards to your coworker

yours faithfully

gosai kishorgiri

Alimaher Gsm 2010-05-02 21:45:28 #
Version: 6.01

this is very useful software .
i really appreciate your effort.

Angelojohndossantos 2007-04-15 08:19:11 #
Version: 5.13


briliant program
no proplems
easy to use

Download Now
File Size: 17.4 Mb